Flying Circus, Postponed Last Sunday, Scheduled To Be Held This Weekend

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November 26, 2010

Originally published in Manotowoc, WI, September 16, 1938

Postponed one week because of inclement weather, the air circus and welcoming program for between 40 and 50 state aviators will be held Sunday at the Municipal airport.

The same features as arranged for last Sunday will be offered Milton Boucher, president of the local chapter of the National Aeronautic association, will attempt to break the world record for loops in a Taylor Cub, a small plane.  He will try to make over 48 consecutive loops.

Bud Fisher and Buck Leighton will stunt and there will be a 5,000 foot parachute jump by Harvey Mueller of Cleveland.  Leighton will stunt a big Ford Tri-Motor ship.

Planes will be arriving all day Sunday for the start of the third annual Wisconsin Air Tour, scheduled for 10 o’clock next Monday morning.  Announcement will be made over the public address system as the various fliers comply with the department of commerce regulation requiring them to circle the air field before landing.

Local aviators show will take part in the tour of 14 Wisconsin cities include Buck Leighton and E. J. Nelson.  Mr. Leighton will fly a Ford Tri-Motor and Mr. Nelson his new Fairchild monoplane.

A banquet for the fliers will be held Sunday evening in the hangar.  Mayor Martin Georgenson will welcome the visitors and the response will be given by Howard Morey, governor of the Wisconsin chapter of the National Aeronautic association.

Other speakers will include Edward Nelson, who will act as master of ceremonies, and President of the local flying club.

Scooter rides on the airport will be a feature of the entertainment for the aviators.  There will be many concessions on the grounds.

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