Air Show Coming Saturday, Sunday

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November 26, 2010

Originally Posted in 1938

Will Take Dozen Passengers at a Time on County Tours

What is expected to be the most spectacular and thrilling air show in Door county will take place Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  August 10-11, when a fleet of planes from Curtis Wright airport, Milwaukee, will put on a program of stunt flying at the Cherryland airport three miles north of this city on Highway 57.

Featured on the program will be Henry Salmon of Detroit, one of the nation’s most sensational delayed parachute performers, who fall 8,000 feet before the parachute opens.  Other features are ribbon cutting, aerial dog fights, and inverted flight acrobatics.

One of the largest planes ever to land on the local field, a 14 passenger Ford tri-motor air liner, weighing 17,000 pounds, will take up passengers, and will specialize in carrying of twelve on sigh-seeing trips around Door county to the tip of the peninsula, returning along the Green bay shore.  The rides will last an hour.

The Ford plane is the only type that President Coolidge ever rode in and is also the same make of ship flown by Byrd in this record long hops over the Antarctic.

It was naturally, also, the first ship to take Henry Ford aloft.  When the plane comes to sturgeon Bay, it will be flown by Colonel E. H. (buck) Leighton, veteran air mail pilot, who has 8,000 hours of flying to his credit and was commander of federal air forces during the Mexican revolution.

There will be six or seven planes I the fleet, all in charge of U. S. government licensed pilots.  E. B. Mulick is the general manager.

The exact time of the stunting program has not yet been determined, but it is expected to be early Sunday afternoon and will take place over the Cherryland airport.

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