Leighton To Perform Stunts in Tri-Motor

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November 26, 2010

Originally Published September 7, 1935

Col. Leighton will stunt in a giant Ford tri-motor all-metal plane, the only ship of its kind that can be put through maneuvers.  Inverted flying, loops and spins are some of the stunts on his program during the afternoon.

Among the distinguished guests who will attend the dedication are Dr. William P. Donovan and two other pilots from the reserve corps will fly here Sunday morning from St. Louis in three army pursuit planes.

As officers in the reserve corps, the three are required to spend a certain number of hours I the air each month.  The trip from St. Louis to Merrill will fulfill their official requirements.

Mayor to Give Address
Mayor W. H. AuBuchon, Merrill, will deliver the dedication address before the opening of the circus.  Others who will speak include Mayor Borowitz, Wausau; Garnett C. Powell, Tomahawk world war flyer, who supervised construction of the airport when it was a SWA project; Mayor Mark Raymond, Tomahawk; Ted Dvorak, Tomahawk, and W. B. Chilsen, Merrill.

Officials from other cities who will take part in the ceremonies include Mayor C. O. Miller, Antigo; City Manager Wardell, Rhinelander, the village president of Eagle River and many others.

Planes of the air circus performers will begin to arrive at the airport this afternoon.  Those from Associated Aviation corporation include a Ford Tri-motor plane, already at the field; a Curtiss-Wright pusher, two American Eagles, two Waco F’s; two fleet airplanes, a Miller special and a Pitcairn Mailwing.
Visiting pilots include Bob Heidl, Col. Leighton, James Hansen, Ben White, Abfalder Rivers, Ralph Brichta, G. Jackson, Herb Holtz, Frank Pettrusha, Irv Miller and Harvey Fielbach.

Novelty Race to Open Show
The show will open with a novelty race over a designated course.  Six entries are expected in this event, including a pilot of the name of Neumann, who is said to have taken a prize at Cleveland.

Pilots Hansen and Col. Leighton will stage an aerial dog fight.

Herman Salmon, 23 years old, aerial stunt performer, will make a delayed parachute jump from an altitude of about 10,000 feet, falling more than a mile before opening the chute.  Since he has been performing with air circuses, Salmon has made over 200 jumps.

Dead stick landing, ribbon cutting and various other exhibitions of precision flying will take place during the afternoon.

E. B. Mulick, general manager of the Associated Aviation corporation, said that the circus will put on as many other stunts and exhibitions as time will permit after the end of the scheduled program.  All planes will carry passengers of flights over the city during the day.

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