About Us

A note from the founder of FordTriMotor.org...

In 1977, at the age of 18, I had the experience of a lifetime by becoming a part of the summer barnstorming crew of Charles A. LeMaster, Ottawa, Kansas. At that time he owned and operated Ford Tri-Motor N414H, which he named "Kansas Clipper". He later purchased the Bushmaster 2000, N7501V, and I also spent the summers of 1978 and '79 helping Chuck and his crew hop rides for people during the EAA Convention at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Though having logged only 35 hours in tri-motors I still feel a great connection to these gentle ladies of the sky. For that reason I have started this web site. It is my tribute to the visionaries who made the Ford Tri-Motor a reality and changed the course of aviation forever.

A very special thanks to William T. Larkins, author of "The Ford Story" and "The Ford Tri-Motor: 1926 to 1992", for the donation of a great number of photos and information.

Finally, thank you for visiting fordtrimotor.org and please keep in touch.

Scott A. Lowe