About This Website


Special thanks for contributions made by the following people:

William T. Larkins for permitting the reproduction of images and information from his book "The Ford Tri-Motor, 1926-1992."

Art Wiggins for his exhaustive work in tracking the whereabouts of the surviving Ford Tri-Motors as well as his emotional support in the development of this site.

Greg Herrick for allowing us to post content from his website, fordtri-motor.com.

David Miller for allowing us to place his art work on our site.

Glenn Lowe for the design of this site as well as technical assistance in keeping this going.


The following publications were referenced to develop this web site:

Larkins, William T.: The Ford Tri-Motor, 1926-1992.
(Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 1992 - ISBN: 0-88740-416-2)
An in-depth chronology of the Ford Tri-Motor including all stages of development, international use, and historic accounts of specific aircraft. Note: This book is still in print and available at most large book stores.

Ingells, Douglas J.: Tin Goose. The Fabulous Ford Tri-Motor
(Aero Publishers Inc. 1968 - ISBN-0-8168-8975-9)A concise, pictorial overview of the history of the Ford Tri-Motor.

Weiss, David A.: The Saga of the Tin Goose - The Plane that revolutionized American Civil Aviation.
(Crown Publishers Inc. 1971).
A narrative look at the history of the Ford Tri-Motor with a focus on the people and events that lead to the success of the air plane.

Instruction Manual for Ford Tri-Motor
(Aviation Publications, 1973. ISBN-0-87994-023-9) Suggestions on the Operation of the Ford Tri-Motor with a general description, specifications and listing of equipment.